Veronica, Bandra’s host with the most, thought it fitting to reinstate the sandwich to its full and former glory, in the restored St. Judee Bakery. The iconic bakery located on Veronica Street, a narrow bylane in sleepy Ranwar Village, has remained a Bandra landmark long after they stopped their large-scale baking for the suburb. As an homage to St. Judee’s delicious history, Veronica’s has put the spotlight back on breads.

Rooted (in Bandra / Neighbourhood)
We celebrate the local and proudly showcase it. Ours is a Bandra story and a nod to the neighbourhood in whatever we do.

We’ve created our own voice and are true to it. We’re also bold in our approach to the food (it’s indulgent) and how we speak about it (non-apologetic).

We hero sandwiches, the most inclusive/approachable food there is. We have demystified wine and coffee and made them perfectly acceptable partners to a sandwich. We serve beers and kombucha from the same shelf. We’re casual about our service of wine. It’s a cool, informal space with an anything-goes-with-sandwiches attitude.

Fun / Delightful
From design Easter eggs, to unexpected names for our coffees, to the wine occasions we highlight, Veronica’s delights. We don’t take ourselves to seriously, have fun with what we do, and make sure you leave delighted.

︎︎︎ Branding
︎︎︎ Strategy

• Agency: Please See, Mumbai
• Role: Creative Designer

The Logo

A custom crafted typeface that fits the bold and audacious personality of Veronica’s. A slight dent at the top to show the feeling when you press into a big and juicy sandwich, dripping with flavour.
The Veronica’s Bean Bag

inspired by the Bean bag graffiti seen everywhere in Bombay, we decided to recreate it for the coffee bag that holds the Veronica’s special coffee beans.
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